When he arrived, we walked through, discussed some things, he looked for any stain problems with a black light, took note, to focus on them. My new dog had a vomit issue and my shampooer left some remnants he was able to see with the light at the top of our stairs.  

Although I had vacuumed two days ago, he vacuumed anyway. It's what he does. 

I work from home, so I just closed my office door and he went to work. He was thorough, efficient, respectful of our house as to not damage any corners. 

Our carpets look amazing and James is quite personable. He's human, and we chatted about some stuff. He wasn't just there to up sell and make more money off me as some other companies do. 

I'd be happy to have James come back on an annual basis to keep our carpets looking new. 

Lesley B.


James was quick and very knowledgeable. Our carpets look (and smell) amazing! My only regret is not having him do more of our house. 

We will definitely be calling him again soon to finish up our house and referring him to friends and family.

If you are looking for a reliable, honest and efficient carpet cleaner - James is your guy.

Alli R.


It was a stroke of good luck that I hired Code 3 Carpet Cleaning to clean the carpets in the condo I just purchased.  We discovered that there was extensive damage to the carpet tack strip, the bottom of the sheet rock wall and the sliding glass door trim from pet urine.  James gave up half of his day off to repair the damage and restore the carpet.  No other carpet company in the Reno / Sparks area would have had the resources or the inclination to do what James did for me.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

Bruce T.


Code 3 is the way to go!  With two dogs in my house and our moderate allergies, I like to have my carpets cleaned regularly.  I have used several companies in town including the popular "Green" guys, I was charged more than I thought I should have been and the stains that they treated came back. James was able to remove all of my carpet stains permanently. I was charged a fair price and my carpets look great. He also looked at a seam that needed to be repaired. James informs you of the things that need to be addressed and lets you make the decision without high pressure tactics to get more money out of you.  He does great work on upholstery too!

Barry W.